About Us


To provide a healthier and happier life for people through eating more beans.


We believe in the power of wholesome and honest beans from Mother Earth.
Let them be the seed of an uplifting day.

Our convenient package of steamed beans will provide you with vital nutrients including plant protein and dietary fiber. It's a great way to eat more beans in your everyday life.


The Origin of Eat More Beans

Everything started in 2017. We based our product on 70 years of manufacturing and bean handling technology in Japan, and we wanted to change the world. We began selling our product outside of gyms in Northern California and then it spread from health-conscious people to the wider population. Eat More Beans was created to help improve the eating habits of people in the United States by providing them healthy eating options.

Capability and Trust in Manufacturing

Established by Kazuo Yanagimoto in 1951, our company provides tradition Japanese condiments and boiled beans nationwide. Since 2000, we’ve refined our manufacturing and processing to bring out the nutrition of beans and grains. This helps to preserve their taste, but also the nutrients. This makes the final product healthier. Because the second generation of Ichiro and Yuji grew Maruyanagi as a stable food manufacturer, in 2004 we began selling steamed beans for the first time in Japan after developing the technology to consistently provide an excellent product. We use the best techniques to create our products and now they’re available at supermarkets all across Japan. We also put a lot of time and effort into being a pioneer in the organic food industry.

The Passion Mission of the Third Generation

After working for a global company, our latest CEO returned to Japan to join the family business. He wanted to center the business on organic products and deliver the value of beans to the United States. When he first came to the United States, he was disappointed to find that canned beans were the mainstream. At the same time, knowing that heart disease and diabetes are widespread, our CEO thought that eating more beans could have a positive impact on American Society. With this in mind, we decided to use US beans to develop products for the US market using our Japanese steamed beans technology. Our goal is to make steamed beans more mainstream in the United States. It’s our belief that eating more beans is good for health. We believe better options will help keep misery and illness away from modern Americans. We supply delicious beans that are convenient and easy to eat, meaning that everyone can have more healthy beans. Our mission is to keep championing a life with more beans. Our pride and strength is our excellent manufacturing that locks in nutrition and taste.