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Eat More Beans

20 Sep 2021

Our company is all about getting folks to eat more beans. We’re so serious about our mission, that we made this appeal our product name. There’s an important reason why we want you eating our beans in soups, salads, rice bowls, or just out of the bag: beans provide so many incredible health benefits. The nutrients found in beans promote a healthy heart, gut, immune system and more.

Immunity boost

Beans are a great source of zinc, an important mineral for immunity health. The body uses zinc to fight off infections and bad bacteria. Additionally, the fiber in beans supports intestinal and gut health which are critical to a strong immune system.

Full of fiber

Most Americans don’t get enough fiber, and beans are an excellent source of this crucial nutrient. Fiber not only keeps you regular, but studies have shown that it can help protect against heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Plant-based protein

Protein rich diets are associated with many health benefits including healthier body weights and improved bone health. One cup of beans provides about 15 grams of lean protein.

Source of important minerals

Beans are loaded with iron, a vital nutrient for hormone and tissue health. A cup of edamame contains almost 9 milligrams of iron. Beans are also a fantastic source of potassium and contain even more of the mineral than bananas. Your body needs this electrolyte to function.

When it comes to healthy eating, fruits and vegetables get a lot of attention. Sure, the kudos are earned, but we’re here to hype up our favorite legume, the bean! Beans deserve a spot right next to fruits and veggies in the Healthy Food Hall of Fame because of all the amazing ways this unsung superfood promotes health.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information provided is not meant to substitute for medical advice from your physician or other medical professional.

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