Steamed Bean Secrets

Eat More Beans' Signature Manufacturing Method

We make our products in a specialized factory that produces hundreds of thousands of packages of steamed beans every single day. Eat More Beans(EMB) manufactures our original steamed beans using a method we developed to preserve the taste and nutrition of the beans. Our dedicated factory allows us to produce the highest quality products for our customers. We don’t just steam beans, put them in a bag, and call it a day.

Raw Materials

Our products are 100% organic, made from beans sourced from right here in the US.

Manufacturing Process

First, we sort beans by removing cracked and chipped beans. Then we soak the beans using a temperature-controlled process that’s tailored to each type of bean. After being soaked, beans are automatically weighed and packed before being steamed in the bag. Once steamed, they’re ready to be enjoyed by you. We carefully inspect every bag before we ship it to our customers, making sure they’re the best possible quality.

Steaming Technology

Our specialized steaming process allows us to steam beans in the bag through a multi-step heating process optimized for each type of bean. By cooking the beans in the bag, we can trap the important nutrients and flavors in the bag without letting them out the way traditional steamed and packaged vegetables do. This method also preserves the texture of the beans, meaning they won’t be mushy or soggy.

Additionally, since we cook the beans at a high temperature, they’re pasteurized. This means we don’t need to add any preservatives. EMB’s beans can be stored at room temperature with no problem!

Our Steamed Beans vs Boiled and Canned Beans

Thanks to the above process, our unique steamed beans are much more nutritious and healthy than other beans commonly eaten in the US. In particular, boiled and canned beans leak important, water-soluble nutrients and the flavors of the beans themselves into the water during cooking. This makes EMB’s products more flavorful and healthier, because we keep all the nutrients in the bag. If you’re looking for a healthy snack, look no further than EMB!